Districts and Schools

Western Placer Unified School District

600 Sixth Street, Suite 400, Lincoln, CA 95648
Phone:  (916) 645-6350  Fax: (916) 645-6356

Coppin (Carlin C.) Elementary School
Creekside Oaks Elementary School
Edwards (Glen) Middle School
First Street Elementary School
Foskett Ranch Elementary School
Horizon Charter Schools
Lincoln Crossing Elementary
Lincoln High School
Phoenix High School
Sheridan Elementary School
Twelve Bridges Elementary School
Twelve Bridges Middle School

Board of Trustees
Armitage, Damian Term Expires: 2018
Carras, Paul Term Expires: 2016
Haley, Brian President Term Expires: 2018
Long, Paul Term Expires: 2016
Wyatt, Kris Clerk Term Expires: 2018
Leaman, Scott Superintendent 916-645-6350
Assistant Superintendent Educational Services
Callahan, Kerry Assistant Superintendent 916-645-6350
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Simon, Gabe Asst. Supt. of Personnel Services 916-645-5293
Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
Kilpatrick, Audrey Assistant Superintendent of Business & Operat 916-645-6350
Director of Educational Services
Dorow, Terri Director of Educational Servies 916-645-6350
Executive Assistant to Superintendent
Knutson, Rosemary Secretary to the Superintendent 916-645-6350
Special Education
Barsdale, Stacey Special Education Program Specialist 916-645-4078
Giles, Roberta Special Education Clerk 916-645-4078
Metzelaar, Diane Special Education Secretary 916-645-4078
Peterson, Amy Special Education Program Specialist 916-645-4078
Watkins, Susan Director of Special Education 916-645-4078
Business Services
Crosthwaite, Brooke Business Administrative Assistant 916-645-6350
Pellow, Bonnie Account Technician 916-645-6387
Sommer, Tammy Account Technician 916-645-6387
Wyatt, Stacie Account Technician 916-645-6387
Classified Management
Carlson, Carrie Director, Business Services 916-434-5095
Dardis, Jeff Director, Food Service 916-645-6373
DeRossett, Mark Director, Transportation 916-645-6346
Furuyama, Tsugufumi Director of Technology 916-645-5175
Stizzo, Curtis Director of Maintenance 916-434-5000
Educational Services
Dern, Ramey Bilingual Secretary 916-645-6350
Gonzalez, Maria Educational Services Secretary 916-645-6350
Leehane, Kathleen Director of Supplemental Programing/Accountab 916-645-6350
Facilities & Maintenance
Adell, Mike Director of Facilities 916-645-5100
Ritchie, Hannah Facilities Clerk 916-645-9579
Office Staff
Arger, Denise District Office Clerk 916-645-6350
Castillo, Abigail After School Coordinator 916-645-5135
Keaton, Evelyn District Office Clerk 916-645-6350
McKinnon, Deborah Payroll Technician 916-645-5131
O'Tool, Kari Personnel Technician 916-645-5293
Ramirez, Melissa Personnel Technician 916-645-5293
Zinzun, Rhia Payroll Technician 916-645-5131
Hurtado, Vincent School Psychologist 916-645-6350
Martinez, Mayela School Psychologist 916-645-6380
Miller, Sandi School Psychologist 916-434-3708
School Nurse
Hodgen, Sara School Nurse 916-645-6350
Rodgers, Jessica School Nurse 916-645-6350
Speech Pathologists
Quan, Karyn LIPP/Speech Therapist 916-645-6345